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Social Media Management Guide for Your Small Businesses

Social Media Management Guide for Your Small Businesses

Social media marketing is a means of internet marketing that focuses primarily on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. When thinking about social media management, most people would consider this only to refer to posting on the social media platforms. However, there is much more to it than just that. Here are some tips to help you in your social media management for your small business.

  • It’s all about engagement
    Communication is two-way. If you make your social media platform only about posting what you think others should see, you will not be able to retain your audience. Social media provides businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers. Listen to what your customers are saying and respond. Social media lets you build relationships with your customers. Therefore, instead of just posting, encourage conversation and respond to your customers.
  • What’s Effective vs What’s not?
    Social media marketing gives the advertiser the power to track the performance of adverts and posts on the platforms. This means you can see the type of posts that offer more results in terms of engagement and conversion. Good social media management means checking on these statistics and then adjusting to them. The manager should determine a pattern of the most successful posts and then replicate it for highest impact.
  • Plan
    An effective manager has a plan. Plan a week in advance on a central theme that you want to focus on. Get to know what is trending and see how you can use it to your advantage. Statistics show that images have higher response rates than text based posts. Creating impactful images takes time. Take time, plan, execute and then strategize based on the feedback.
  • Focus on Where your Audience is
    There are many social media platforms and great tools that can help you manage multiple social media platforms simultaneously. However, just because a platform is trendy does not mean your customer base is there. Know where your target is and focus on that. Focusing on every other platform will only stress your resources and time.
  • Tag Team Social Media with Your Website
    One of the primary aims of social media is to direct traffic to your website. Facebook and Twitter are not your website and have a lot of distractions to them. You want to direct your customers to your location and keep their attention there. This is the big picture of internet marketing; it’s not just limited to social media. Therefore, you need to work on your website design. Your social media design language should match that of your website design. Your website should also be well optimized for local SEO. The more the traffic it receives the better it performs on search engines like Google.

There you have it. Five tips to help your social media management for your small business. Focus on engagement and build a relationship with your fans. Plan ahead and use it to build your website as much as possible.