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5 Tips for Social Media

5 Tips for Social Media

1. Get the Word Out

Let customers and other know your business is on Social Media

  • Display a sign that tell people where to find you on Facebook or other social platforms
  • Ask customers to follow you.
  • Include your Social Media accounts on your receipts.
  • Send an Email to your subscribers and ask for a follow

2. Post Frequently

Valuable posts are key to gaining and keeping followers. Providing valuable content to your followers at least 3-4 times per week and delivering engaging content in a sure way to build an audience. Vary your posts among the following categories:

  • Entertaining or funny posts
  • Special offers from your business
  • Sales and promotions that your business is currently running
  • Events and news that keep your clients up to date about whats happening at your business
  • Promote your website content such as new blog posts and articles

3. Hold a Contest on a Social Media Platform

A great way to engage your customers through social media is to hold a contest. You can entice people to share your page, post, or simply like your page by offering a randomly selected person to receive a gift or discount. This will bring more people to your social media accounts and it will increase your exposure when customers are liking and sharing your page. It’s a great way to get your message out.

4. Share Posts About Trending Topics

Creating your own posts is one thing, but it’s nice to keep your audience up to date on industry trends by sharing posts from related businesses. Popular videos about topics related to your business or industry is a great way to provide valuable content. You can even write your thoughts in a caption and share it on Facebook. You can also “ReGram” images on Instagram that provide valuable information for your followers. This is an easy way to deliver for your followers by giving them great content without having to make it yourself.

5. Analyze Your Progress

Use analytic tools to track your posts and determine what types of posts are working and what posts are not. Adjust your future posts and content accordingly. If something is not working then change it up a little bit.


This can seem a bit overwhelming for a small business owner, but if you take the tip one tip at a times you’ll be on your way to building a Social Media presence. If you’re a business owner that doesn’t feel like you have the time to manage your social media accounts, then feel free to contact MastroTek and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation.