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Website Maintenance

Keep Your Website and CMS Up to Date

In today’s world of ever evolving technology and malicious website attackers you’re going to need to protect your website. Websites can hold valuable customer data that malicious attackers will attempt to steal leaving your company liable for the stolen customer data not mention bad press and website downtime.

Popular CMS’s need constant updating of their core files and plugins. Sometimes these updates cause compatibility issues and cause your site to crash. MastroTek will test all updates on a separate server before implementing them on your live website to ensure maximum website uptime.

MastroTek offers many different Website Maintenance packages that offer various levels of protection and redundancy against website downtime and recovery.

We offer both monthly plans and hourly rates.

Website Maintenance Plans

Web Site Maintenance plans include:

  • Testing after every edit
  • Security Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • CMS and Plugin updates
  • Full back-up copy of your website
  • Monthly detailed invoicing
  • Communication by email 7 days a week by phone Mon-Fri
  • Free Unlimited website hosting included with all maintenance plans
  • Adding Pages/Products/Photos/Graphics/Videos
  • Adding new content to your site, text, articles, calendar, events, news
  • Editing, revising, or updating your existing content and graphics
  • Updating links, inserting new links
  • 2hr maximum response time with a completion estimate on all requests
  • Removing and archiving current content and much more….

Don’t be vulnerable to an attack or website downtime, Call MastroTek Today!