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Types of Websites

Types of Websites

There are many different types of websites a company can choose to build when they decide to make a website. The type of site that you decide on will have a direct impact on cost, usability, client interaction, functionality, and reach. Below we will discuss a few of the more popular and not so popular types of websites a company can choose to build.

HTML Websites

HTML and CSS websites load very quickly, this is the basic code used to make websites and webpages since the earliest days of the internet. These websites can be designed and developed to perform any function, and are viewable from any device or operating system.

The downside to HTML websites is that they can take a longer to develop if you want to have advanced functionality on your site such as an eCommerce solution. They are also a little difficult for a lay person to update and change. Even minor changes to your website will require a professional unless you take the time to learn HTML and CSS.

Flash Websites

Flash websites were once extremely popular. They provide eye catching animations and visual effects that were not possible with any other web building technology. Initially they took a little longer to load, but once you were on the site additional pages load and transition very quickly and seamlessly. They are simple for the end user to use and could also be quite fun to use also.

Flash website Popularity crashed once the iphone and ipad exploded on the scene. Apple mobile devices did not support Flash and soon Android dropped Flash support as well. That made those beautiful and expensive Flash websites inaccessible to mobile device users. Today, mobile devices are exclusively used by about 40% of all internet users. Also the fun eye popping animations that made flash unique became possible with other web technologies like HTML version 5 and CSS3.

Content Management Systems

CMS’s save time and money by providing a backend administration panel to maintain and update your website from. They can use a variety of web technologies and are database driven. Most use the PHP and MySQL combination. This type of website allows you the business owner to update your website yourself, add pictures, update items you’re selling and more with the ease of a word processor. 

MastroTek builds custom templates for small business websites using popular open source Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We can also build custom CMS’s to suit your specific business’ needs.

CMS websites can be used for eCommerce solutions, blogs, news websites, sports league management, social media sites, company intranets, and more.