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Professional Websites vs Do-It-Yourself Websites

Professional Websites vs Do-It-Yourself Websites

Small business owners are met with a ton of choices when they decide to create a website for their business. Among those many confusing decisions, business owners must decide whether to build there own website using one of the many drag and drop, no coding necessary website building services or to hire a website design professional. Each project is different so when deciding which method to use for creating your businesses website it’s important to consider the following:

The Budget

One of the biggest factors in everything we do including creating a new website is the budget. Do-it-yourself websites cost anywhere from $10 to $70 a month, while professionally designed websites can cost thousands of dollars. If the business owner cannot afford a professional design, they have no choice but to be satisfied with a do-it-yourself website builder.

Specific Website Needs

Some websites are very easy to design and require no special functionality. Business owners often set up a website that just serves as an online listing for their company that only contains a couple of pages and does not require data bases, special coding or other complex functionality. Websites like these are intended to give the company a simple online presence, but they do not offer any benefit to users that may visit the site. Websites such as these are also harder to market because there is no real reason for people to visit the website. I mean after all, if someone just want your businesses phone number, that can be found on any number of websites, why go to your website.

For a website like this, website building software is sufficient. More interactive websites that require data base driven projects, will likely require a professional web designer to create them. Only a professional website designer can manage, update, and maintain a complex website like this.

Easier Updates

DIY websites allows the user to instantly update their individual web pages very easily. If your an owner who wants frequent updates and your not particularly computer savvy, waiting for a web designer to do them may not be the best option. Companies who require a constant changes should consider doing the website design on their own. In addition, most web designers charge a hourly fee for updates.

However, even professionally designed websites can be updated by a business owner if they are not afraid to spend a little time to learn some basic steps. In fact some website platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal are very user friendly and can be updated pretty easily. It is still a good idea to have a professional maintain the site but for simple content changes, a business owner can certainly navigate these platforms pretty easily.


Business owners are expected to run their business, not their website. Updating software, adding content, and checking your website’s security are all time consuming duties. These tasks are also best left to a professional that can test and ensure continued functionality of the website.

Do-it-yourself websites can quickly become a burden for a business owner who don’t have the time to give the website the attention it needs. Having a website designer build and then maintain your website lets the business owner concentrate on his business and gives him peace of mind that his website is also in good hands.

Endless Possibilities

For more complex websites that require added functionality, business owners should definitely consider the use of a professional. Website designers know all of the most recent technology and designs available. They have the ability to create unique user friendly websites with a modern design. Any functionality that you may need on your website can be implemented and you will have much more options available to you.

Ultimately The decision to use a Professional or create a website comes down to the business owner’s budget and needs. There is no cookie cutter answer to the question. Business owners should always decide how to create the site based off of the website’s unique needs. But if your a business owner that wants to have a modern, functional website and you don’t have the time to devote to maintaining that site, then as is the case in most things, hiring a professional is probably the best bet.