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Are you still advertising with the Yellow Pages?

Are you still advertising with the Yellow Pages?

So many potential clients that I speak to give me the same answer when I ask them how they advertise for their small business. The answer I get is horrifying to me. They tell me that they buy ads in the Yellow Pages or Super Pages phone book. As I shake my head I ask them, “when was the last time YOU used the Yellow Pages ?”. The response is always the same, they can’t remember.

According to Blumethals.com, Super Pages total page counts have fallen by 10% in 2015, that makes 5 consecutive years of double digit page count decline. Most businesses are realizing that people don’t need a phone book anymore. in 2015 we have the world at our fingertips, why do we need a 10 pound book to find a phone number?

These are the facts, two thirds of Americans have a smartphone, that means they can find any phone number in the world in seconds just by using a device they carry with them all day long. It gets even better, People don’t use their smartphone to look up phone numbers, they “Google” what their looking for and they get a list of results in return, with links to all sorts of information. Shouldn’t your business be part of those results?

If your business is not being returned in those results then your losing out on a tremendous amount of business. 81% of consumers research a product online before buying, 62% of millennials research product purchases on Facebook before buying. These are huge groups of people that the average Yellow Pages or Super Pages customer will not be seen by.

I understand that many business owners are used to the phone book advertising model, and they saw great returns from their investment once upon a time, but in 2015, phone book advertising just won’t cut it.

MastroTek and other Digital Marketing companies out there understand this. We offer comprehensive marketing plans that cover Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Local Search Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. We manage everything from your tweets to your blog posts, we engage your clients, and manage your online reputation.

We can make sure that that your business name, phone number, website, and company message is seen by your specific targeted market. MastroTek will Optimize your company’s online potential and all for about half the monthly cost of advertising with the phone book  companies.

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