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Your Online Marketing Budget

Marketing budgets are increasing at a rate of about 6% per year, in fact in 2012 an average of 104% of revenue was spent on marketing. Of those marketing dollars 25% was spent on digital or online marketing campaigns. Studies show that digital marketing bring much higher returns on investment than traditional marketing does, yet so many companies are slow to invest more of their marketing dollars towards digital marketing.

Digital marketing comes in many forms. A few are listed below:

  • Online Pay-Per-Click Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing or Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing

These marketing strategies are helping many smaller companies that are willing to invest in a well planned Online Marketing strategy compete with the bigger more established companies that have been so slow to move into digital marketing.

For more insight on digital marketing budgets check out this article from Yahoo Small Business

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How Search Works

This video is from Google, and give great insight into what happens when you attempt to search for something on Google.

Internet Marketing For Online Stores

Having a website is the fastest way to attract customers. Online shoppers in U.S. spent $226 billion in 2012 and experts at Forrester Research say e-retail spending is going to increase 62% by 2016. For online stores, this is an opportunity to explore and exploit from scores of Internet Marketing options available, to lure shoppers.

Internet marketing for online stores is key to get new shoppers every day. Hordes of shoppers visit online stores, locate a product online, purchase it if the deal is good. Internet marketing of your online store extensively, you will become the most sought after website in your niche.

Westchester Search Engine Optimization

Online shoppers usually go by the first few websites that the search engine throws up when searching for a product. If you want your store to show up in the top five results of a search engine results page (SERP), then you need to incorporate SEO strategies.

Each page on your online store should be targeted for specific keywords so that they come under the scanner of search engines. Content rich websites where keywords can by hyperlinked within your own site will increase your keyword density. This will result in the search engines picking your website more frequently.

Social Media Marketing In New York

Social media is a goldmine when it comes to internet marketing for online stores. Every online shopper is connected to social networking sites where if they tag your brand or tweet about your products, then you gain online traffic.

Join a social networking site (like facebook and Twitter) by creating an interactive page. You can display your products, announce new arrivals and open debates on the latest trends in the market thereby increase traffic to your online store.

You may be unable to sell any products on these networking websites but you can update your subscribers about the latest products, deals and announcements.

Online Advertising in Westchester NY

If you have an online store of watches, then you can affiliate with a jewelry or an apparel store. This will increase the chances of a shopper visiting your store as he or she has seen your advertisement on an online apparel store. You can tie-up with a lot of other online stores that are vertically integrated to your industry.

Deals and Offers

Any online shopper will prefer a 'one plus one free' offer or even flat discounts on various products. This bargaining tool needs to be implemented after a careful study of what the competitors are offering. Deals and offers draw in shoppers quickly and gives you a good profit margin.

Comparative Study

Don't take your customers for granted. They are aware of high-end brands and even know where exactly they can buy it at a discounted rate. However, to get an edge over your competitors, you can give a comparative analysis of the product. You should post a product’s market price, your offer and how much will they save if they buy it from you.

Email Marketing

This may sound a little old fashioned, but many organizations nowadays, block social networking websites. Sending out newsletters with offers, ratings and information about what's new in the market can get you more subscribers. You can also conduct surveys through the newsletter, getting customer feedback and thereby understanding their needs better.

Good internet marketing for online stores can give you huge profits from customers across the globe who buys your product with just a click of a button.

Another Happy Customer - Per Voi 2

Per Voi II Port Chester Italian Restaurant website

Per Voi II - Port Chester's Best Italian Restaurant

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Another completed website. Per Voi II is an Italian restaurant in Port Chester, NY. The food is amazing and the people there make you feel like your with old friends. Check out the website and stop by for a bite, you won't be disappointed.

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